About Us

Hugg-A-Planet is a family owned and operated business celebrating our 39th year of making educational learning globes that inspire peace and a love for the planet. Since 1982, we have committed to one thing, developing great toys that belong in every home on earth. Our Hugg-A-Planet® has been on TV shows, movies, the South Pole, and even in space! Join the millions who have shown their love for the earth by hugging a Hugg-A-Planet.

We are the socially responsible toy company dedicated to changing the world one kids toy at a time. It is Hugg-A-Planets belief that in order to foster real progress in effecting positive social and environmental change we must start with the children of the world. They will be the most affected, and will be the consumers of products. Their choices can create a positive effect on the environment and society of tomorrow.

 At Hugg-A-Planet, we are focusing on making that change in the toy industry, we work with a number of manufacturers to produce great toys in a socially responsible manner, and concepts that have positive, healthy and long lasting play value.

The question is, what does this commitment mean?

Well to us producing products in a socially responsible manner means the following:

1. Using recycled materials whenever and wherever feasible.
2. Using organically or sustainably produced materials, when recycled are not feasible.
3. Constantly working with the manufacturers we get our products from to improve their production methods.
4. Creating toys that are non-violent and have a socially responsible message such as peace, protecting the environment and diversity.

We are committed to provide products that teach and stand the test of time. We offer a range of
items and wish you the best in your shopping experience!