Hugg-A-Planet ISS Bundle, Pocket Earth, Moon, and Mars 3 Piece Set

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This 3 piece Hugg-A-Planet ISS Bundle set includes the same Pocket Hugg-A-Planet Earth, updated Hugg-A-Moon and Hugg-A-Mars globes. As on the International Space Station (ISS).  The 3-piece set aboard the International Space Station has traveled over 700 million miles orbiting Earth, and the identical set available here includes all of the following. The award-winning 12" pocket Hugg-A-Planet Earth has the same artwork as our Classic with over 600 places labeled and also includes a 6" deep Velcro pocket, which comes stuffed with one our Hugg-A-Moons - with over 100 lunar labels - but you can stuff-it with whatever you'd like!  Last but not least, you get our ever-popular 9" Hugg-A-Mars - the most detailed globe of Mars on the market - with over 400 labelled landmarks. The Hugg-A-Mars is proportional to the Classic and Pocket Earths. Save big by purchasing some of our favorite Hugg-A-Planets together. Perfect for classrooms, play rooms, bedrooms or nurseries these beautiful, simple reference globes are meant to inspire space exploration, peace, and geo-learning.

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